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Ely Nevada Online      2014
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Ely Nevada Online
All about our murals, the Ely Renaissance Village, Farmer's Market
and the Art Bank.
Welcome to Ely Nevada
We are glad you are here!
Economy Drug
696 Aultman Street
Ely, NV 89301

Nevada Northern Railway Museum, National Historic Landmark
1100 Avenue A, Ely, NV  89315, 866-40-STEAM  775-289-2085  

The Nevada Northern Railway, established in 1905, is a National
Historic Landmark, located in Ely, Nevada.  According to the
Smithsonian Curator Emeritus, it is “the best preserved historic
railroad in the country…bar none.”  It is, indeed, a national

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum includes approximately
60 acres of original and authentic grounds, track and buildings to
explore.  This “living,” interactive museum features operating steam
and diesel train rides.  All train rides include a tour of the grounds
and Enginehouse; with guided tours explaining the important
history of the railroad, including its significance to copper mining
and America as a whole.

Train rides include Haunted Ghost Trains, Polar Express, and
summer/fall themed trains with optional picnic packs.  Unique
programs include:  “BE the Engineer,” to actually operate a
locomotive – even with the train (freight cars) attached; Railroad
Reality Weeks for adults and adults/teens (summer), Winter Photo
Shoots in February, which capture the history of the railroad;
Bunkhouse & Caboose Overnights and Cab Rides with the
Engineer.  Group Rates and Private Charters are available, in
addition to Annual Memberships.  The grounds are open year-
round.  Call ahead to check train and Gift Shop schedule; also

This quintessential symbol of the pioneering American spirit has
been embraced by a variety of diverse cultures over the course of
history.  The Steptoe Valley Flyer carried about 4.5 million
people, mainly immigrants, into White Pine County from 1910-
1941.  Many worked on the railroad and in the mine; and many
descendants still live in the area today.  A selection of restored
1908 railroad employee cottages, each reflecting a different
culture, can be seen at Renaissance Village downtown; which is
transformed into the North Pole for Polar Express.

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is an inspiring example of
American history and culture; and, in recent years, art, as well.  It
is interesting and fun to children and adults from all over the
world.  People have visited from as far away as Canada, Japan,
New Zealand, France, Germany, and Great Britain.  

Two annual, special events focus on art.  The art of photography is
featured during February’s Winter Photo Shoots; preserving
history and resulting in many award-winning shots.  The Nevada
Northern is captured on canvas during the annual Plein Air
Outdoor Arts Festival, Labor Day Weekend each year.  Artists
and artisans actively paint and craft on site.  It’s a unique
opportunity to watch art (painting and crafts) created right before
your eyes.

The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is featured regularly on
The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” and “American
Restoration,” PBS and travel guide books all over the world.  
OPENS August 23rd!

Look for the special baked goods this year
along with all of the other goodies that come
with the market. Congratulations to the Ely
Farmer's Market for this being the 5th annual
Ely Farmer's Market! See you there!

If you have not been to the Farmer's Market
before it is located at the Ely Renaissance
Village. The market opens at 10 AM, Come
early and avoid the line by enjoying a morning
cup of "joe" in the open air at 9:30 AM.
Whether you were raised in White Pine County, or just passing
through, the Economy Drug is a "must see". Have a lime ricky or an
iron port, a great sandwich and a fresh latte! All this and more at
Economy Drug Store in Ely.
Visit Ely's locally owned Mercantile Store. A little bit of everything
from housewares to party supplies, jewelry and even local hone
Plein Air Outdoor Arts Festival
August 30 - September 1
       Watch "LIVE ART" created before your eyes.
Train rides, arts, crafts, food and FUN!
"Ghost Train" above, by Colleen Reynolds.